Flat Worlds Dev Diary #12 - Unleashing Titan

Titan has finally arrived as a new world for you to colonize.

Like before, this comes with a new ship and a new set of perks to work with.

Additionally, there is another new ship, a new set of buildings, and two new music tracks in the coinciding patch.

New Perks

Titan is covered in seas of liquid methane. Underneath the crust however, there are pools of water. This makes Titan an adequate provider of Energy and Water. Another harsh environment, humanity explores another route for survival - Biology.

New Ship

Introducing, 'Twig', another hybrid ship that deals with Energy and Water. A little on the expensive side, it makes up for its cost with its superior capacity and speed.

And Another

Also introducing, 'Sea Lion', our first late game ship that represents Earth's attempt at a low cost bulk passenger carrier. Compared to an Orca, it boasts superior capacity, higher top speed, but lower acceleration and slightly lower reliability.

Storage Facilities

A new addition that might mix things up in terms of gameplay, storage facilities allow you to hoard up excess resources in anticipation of a rainy day. It will be interesting to see how players use this to their advantage.

New Music

Two new music tracks have been added (composed by Scott Houghton). Each music track is now associated with (and named after) a world.

More tracks will be added later, and as you colonize new worlds, your pool of music will increase (right now only the Venus track is locked as you start with Earth and Mars).


Feedback I've received consistently mentions the crippling effect of water consumption. It has been reduced significantly in the recent patch and with the addition of storage facilities, I look forward to seeing how many players can make it to Titan.

I'm going to go back over the previous worlds now and work more on the late game content while polishing up stuff and adding little details.

See you soon.