Flat Worlds Dev Diary #10 - Fleet-footed Mercury

Huzzah! Mercury has finally been added to the pool of colonizable worlds. With a new world comes a new set of perks, suppliers, and a new ship.

New Perks

Activate the mysterious Ancient Mines, turning Mercury into a metal powerhouse. Use Survival Augments to reduce Mercury's water consumption drastically at the expense of increased demand of energy and metal. These perks show how harsh and desolate Mercury is and how its colonists have turned to machinery to survive.


New Suppliers

We have two new suppliers, Ancient Mines and Solar Plants (okay Solar Panels). These both will add a big injection of Metal and Energy into the economy. However, running the Ancient Mines comes at a significant running cost - so be sure your income can handle it.


New Ship

We have a new ship, 'Scoop'. Scoop is a more streamlined version of Pebble, faster, more reliable but with a lower capacity and higher running cost.


Discord Server

Can you make it to Mercury?

Join the Flat Worlds' Discord Server and let me know!

Come over to discuss strategies, report issues, or just check in on current development.

Invite Link: https://discord.gg/8Db5bM2