Flat Worlds Dev Diary #5 - Ship Management

It has been a while since the last post. This one will be covering a few more things than usual.

Ship Management

With the ship management panel you can get a quick performance overview of your fleet of transport ships.

With the 'Profit-per-minute' metric, you can quickly determine which routes are the most profitable. Additionally, all ships now have a running cost, so you can use this to identify routes that are dragging your transport empire down.

Selecting a ship gives you a more detailed view of it, and allows you to visually track it.

Here, you can also set the min/max values for each resource.

A minimum set value is the amount of a resource that the ship needs to load before leaving a port; useful for routes where resources are scarce, and to reduce running costs.

A maximum set value caps the amount that a ship will take from a port; useful in a case where you don't want to starve out resources that you want to transport elsewhere.

You can also sell ships from here - albeit at a significantly reduced amount of its initial cost.

Also in the news

I've added prices to the planet information panel. You can now use this to see what resources a planet wants, and what they'll pay for it (per unit).

Also introducing metal mines:

Following the addition of metal as a resource. These mines will now supply the metal. You'll initially find them popping up on Mars.

And finally:

The sun is now flat! It now matches the ethos of our lovely flat planets.

Admittedly, it still looks quite round from below and needs a little more work, but hey, why were you looking up anyway?

Till next time.